Spanish Lessons: Verbs with Preposition “en”

Preposition “en”. In Spanish, verbs that take the preposition “en” will often translate in English to “in” or “on”. Of course there are exceptions like “ pensar en” which means “to thing about”.

Confiar en to trust in someone
to trust in a situation
to trust in doing something
Consistir en to consist of (doing) something
Convertirse en to becom, change into something
Equivocarse en to make a mistake in something
Insistir en to insist on (doing) Something
Interesarse en to be interested in someone
Interesarse en to be interested in something
Meterse en to become involved in (doing) something
Pensar en to think about someone
to think about (doing) something
Quedar en to agree to something
to agree to do something
Tardar (tiempo) en to delay in (doing) something
To take (time) to (do something)
Trabajar en to work on/at (something)


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